Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

There are so many things I love about Fall. Cozy sweaters, pumpkin donuts, and the change in seasons. But in world of the writing community, my favorite is the spooky stories that I get to create for the Fall Writing Frenzy contest. This year hosts Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lyida Lukidis did not disappoint with their… Continue reading Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

When Friends Move Away

I still remember when my best friend in second grade told me she was going to go to another school. I was shocked! Who would I twin with, or plan to krimp my hair on the same day with? (For the record, I was an 80s child.) I remember feeling lost. I no longer had… Continue reading When Friends Move Away

The Knock: 50 Precious Words

It’s time again for the wonderful 50 Precious Words contest hosted by Vivian Kirkfield! The goal is to create a story ( beginning, middle, and end) for kids ages 12 and under comprised of only 50 words! For my entry, I was moved to right about the heart. Kids feel the same emotions as adults.… Continue reading The Knock: 50 Precious Words


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Hi! I’m Kelly. A mom, nurse, owner to the floofiest goldendoodle ever, and a children’s book writer. I love writing stories to inspire children, to make them laugh, and to show them they matter in this big world.

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