Checkered flag

You’ve made it, it’s the end of the night! Congratulations! Confetti is being tossed, you’re getting the little ones up to bed for bath, teeth brushing and stories. You hear the roar of the crowd cheering you on with each step as you march up towards the bedtime routine. The end is in sight and you can almost feel yourself sinking into your couch to relax, and possibly even watch a show that doesn’t include cartoons! You can do this!

And that’s when it happens. It’s either because they’ve had a long day and don’t have the energy to behave and listen. Or, they really do want to stay up with you because they love you, and being around you that much. Or, as I’ve realized just recently, they just don’t want to listen. Well, isn’t that just awesome? No, no it is not. It’s so awful that right before bed things can fall apart. A time, where in my mind, should be spent lovingly cuddling my sweet children and reading them a story before they fall fast asleep.

Alas, it happens and instead of seeing the checkered flag, I start waving a white flag, surrendering to a less than peaceful end to my night. But tomorrow is another day, and another chance to get it right, or closer to right than the night before.

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