Monarch Caterpillar Rescue Part 2!

Two at their new home

My husband and kids found more milkweed not far from us. We gently gathered the caterpillars into our bug jars, (a big thanks to Aunt Alaina who got jars for our kids) and placed a few milk weed leaves inside to tide them over….. they’re super hungry! Judging by the size of the large ones, I’d say they’re maybe a day or so away from forming a chrysalis. The small ones need to continue to eat for about 5 more days before they’re ready.

We took the caterpillars out of the jars and placed them on the milkweed leaves. My kids loved helping the caterpillars onto the leaves! They were so gentle and even cheered the future butterflies on in attaching to their new home.

My husband found a milkweed seed pod and once we got home, him and the kids spread the seeds. It literally opens up and look likes cotton or white dandelion fluff. Hopefully soon we’ll have more milkweed and be able to provide a home to future monarch caterpillars. I’m thrilled we got to help nature today and go on an adventure as a family! Simple and beautiful, what a day!

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