Watching Football With Kids

Free craft to keep them busy!

Happy Saturday everyone and welcome to FOOTBALL SEASON!!!! We are just a little excited about it over here! The weather is absolutely perfect, overcast with a cool breeze, really makes it feel like Fall. If you’re parents with young kids you may be thinking, how are we going to watch the game? I hear ya. Getting to watch anything with kids is sometimes impossible! They need attention, or food, or a new diaper, or want to play, or are getting in a fight with an older sibling. It can be rough!

I wanted to share a website with you that has these really great FREE printable playdoh mats. My kids love playdoh! I found these mats last year and the kids really got into it. You can let them add beads, leaves, flower petals and any nature the gather from outside. Let them be creative! Will this keep them occupied through the whole game… no. But it could allow you a little viewing time. Because let’s be real, kids cannot be occupied for 4 hours straight without parent intervention.

What you need to do is google : picklebums playdoh mats. It will bring up the page with lots of free options to print. I tried to do a direct link, but because the post is a few years old, it wouldn’t work. But you can still find it really easy, just like I did today. One tip is to laminate them, which I didn’t, but instead used a clear photo album page and slid the play doh mat inside. I hope this helps and……GO BUCKS!

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