Inner strength and validation

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you that you’re doing a good job. This is how I’m feeling tonight. It’s been a busy week, the checklist has been checked, the chores and responsibilities have been accomplished (well, for the most part, let’s not get to crazy) and I have a little bit of free time before my husband comes home with the kids from soccer practice. I planned on taking this time to delve into my writing and make some serious headway on the stories I’m working on…..and yet, I pause. Writing can be a funny thing. I love creating stories and seeing how they grow and develop. But it’s only me seeing the growth, it’s not out in the world. It is my DREAM to be a published author, and I’m doing everything I can to get there. But until I do, it’s almost like throwing darts into the darkness, aiming for an unseen target, or one that continues to move away. (Tricky little target.)

Have you ever felt like this? That the goal you wish to obtain just seems out of reach enough to make you exhale a little longer than usual? I think it is in these times, where believing in yourself has to drive you forward. It has to come from within, to feel the steady and confident voice inside….that’s my validation. That’s my reassurance. To keep going, keep striving and pursuing….to not give up. How can your situation ever change, if you don’t take the strides in the direction you wish to be? I encourage you to keep going on your journey, and find the strength and endurance you need to accomplish your goal.

1 thought on “Inner strength and validation”

  1. Very powerful to be able to support yourself. I never believed I would be a published author. It wasn’t until my husband passed away that I said to myself, just do it, you have nothing more to lose. Well, it happened. Sadly, I didn’t know I wanted to start a new series until my son passed away. Now I feel like I am on a roll. The biggest hurdle is just hitting send when I submit a new work and then thinking about how I will pay the publisher before I start seeing the royalties. Stick with it. That is my best advice.

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