Free Fall Activities

Leaf kite

If you’re like me, you look forward to the weekend. But after about an hour with children you think, what are we going to do all day?!?! My kids are at their best when they are outside. They’re still young, almost 7 and 4.5, so are easily occupied by simple things.

A couple of fall things that we have done every year are free, fun, and simple.

  1. Leaf gathering – I give them each a paper bag and we go for a walk in the neighborhood,gathering different colors of leaves. You can also go to a park to increase the excitement
  2. Leaf etching – take a couple of leaves, place underneath a paper, and use a crayon to etch over
  3. Leaf kite – all it takes is a leaf and a string. Then you can have your kids run through the yard flying their kite, or tie it to their trike
  4. Fall scavenger hunt – see pinterest
  5. Leaf shadow tracing – place leaves on a paper and let kids trace their shapes
  6. Egg carton fall collection – give kids each an egg carton and have them fill it with fall treasures from around the yard.
  7. Use corn on the cob or pine cones to paint
  8. Draw a tree using markers and let the kids use finger paint to add colorful fall leaves

That’s it! I hope you find time to enjoy the outdoors today!

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