Wash and Rejuvenate Your Soul

Ever need a day to yourself? No schedule, no list of things needing crossed off, no places you have to be. I see some of you nodding yes. Maybe some are rolling their eyes saying that could never happen. Ok, let’s scale back. Not an entire day, what about afternoon, or a few hours, or an hour? Could you dedicate one hour to yourself completely?

Tricky question I know. I cannot dedicate an entire day to myself, or to the act of doing nothing but what I want. It actually stresses me out! Which is funny because it’s supposed to have the exact opposite effect and I should feel relaxed. But I stress and digress!

Today, however, I found that if the window was made a bit smaller, I could relax, calm down, and do whatever it is I wanted to do. I was able to sit on my back patio, write, and enjoy the amazing fall breeze. I slowed my breathing, felt the air completely fill my lungs before I exhaled. And then I felt something else……calm.

Our lives are very busy, whether your single, involved, having kids, without kids, working, job hunting and so forth. It’s busy. How about trying a short meditation exercise? Sit in a comfortable chair with your feet on the ground. Close your eyes, and breathe in and out. Listen to your breath, feel the air entering your lungs, filling them, and feel your heart beating. Then exhale. Feel your shoulders roll down, your back relax, the air exiting your lungs. Imagine your body becoming calmer, quieter, relaxed. Just be present for one minute. Then, open your eyes with your new found state of calmness and get ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

3 thoughts on “Wash and Rejuvenate Your Soul”

  1. Ironically, my blog today mentioned the emotional turmoil I experienced today. I did take time to myself but it was not rejuvenating. Perhaps I will take your advice for my tomorrow and enjoy more of my day.

    1. I’m sorry to hear it wasn’t a good day! Sometimes just being in the moment of what we’re feeling, even if it isn’t pleasant, is what we need to do. I definitely don’t bounce back with extreme happiness when I’m down. I let myself cry, or just be sad/disappointed if that’s how I’m feeling. Not all emotions are pretty, but self care is about letting yourself be in the moment, experience the emotion and then move from there.

      I hope tomorrow is kinder to you!

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