Holiday Story Contest: The Christmas Hike

Hi everyone! I’m entering a holiday writing contest hosted by Susanna Leonard Hill. The rules are: the story must be 250 words or less, for children ages 12 and younger, and revolve around a holiday treat. I was inspired by the power of memories and the love that still exists even though someone is no longer with us. The holidays have a way of tugging at our hearts, and flushing our minds with memories so vivid and beautiful. My story focuses on this concept. I posted it below and hope you enjoy it.

The Christmas Hike
By Kelly Swemba (243 words)

On Christmas Eve, wrapped in warm scarves and fuzzy mittens, my family heads into the night. Our boots crunch the fresh, thick, snow as we climb the hill. I follow my big brother’s tracks, my boot fitting inside his print.

“Wait up!” I yell, and race to catch up. He holds my hand, and we enjoy each step of this special Christmas treat.     

“Wow!” I gasp seeing the brilliant stars twinkle in the heavens. My parents tie a red ribbon around a pine tree to remember our Grandma. She started this tradition, and we will continue it.

I wish on a star as the wind brings water to my eyes and drops snowflake kisses to my cheeks. It’s almost as if Grandma’s here with us.

I fall into the bed of snow with a thump! Laughing, I swish my arms and legs out and in.  
“I’m making a snow angel for Grandma,” I say to my brother, who joins in.

My parents hug and say it’s time to go. Taking one last look at the stars, I smile, blow a kiss, and say, “I miss you Grandma”.  

I know she hears me, for I feel it in my heart.  
With tingling toes, we race back home, fueled by thoughts of hot chocolate and puffy white marshmallows. Inside, we sit together in peaceful silence. Warmed by the fire and the warmth in our hearts, we remember what’s most important on Christmas. Love and family.

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