Hi everyone! It’s the month of heart candies, cute stuffed animals, and an excuse to wear lots of pink. It’s ALSO time for Susanna Hill’s Valentiny writing contest! The details – a child appropriate story that’s 214 words or under about being brave.

My story was inspired by my Grandma. My kids call her Gigi. I hope you like my story!


I cut out a heart,
sprinkle glitter and love.
A special surprise for my Gigi.

She's crinkled.
And wrinkled.
From years of 
laughter and smiles.

She's tough just like me.
Raised my mom by herself.
And never once made a complaint.

She always made sure,
to show us she cares
with squeezing hugs and
cheek kisses.

But now she's grown tired.
And slightly forgetful
about all the regular stuff.

She moved to a place
with grand-parents galore.
There's a sleep over every night!

So I'm bringing my card
with a picture of us
to show her how much I care.

But I stumble a bit-
my tummy does flips.
And I start feeling not so sure.

It's been a long time
since I've been to visit.
Will she remember me?

My mom holds me tight.
Sweeps the hair from my eyes,
and I turn towards room 214.

I take a deep breath
and try to be brave
as I slowly walk through the door.

"There's my sweetheart!"
my Gigi cries.
And hobbles right over to me.

She opens my card.
Tears form in her eyes-
and trickle down her creases.

With a squeezing hug
(and many cheek kisses)
she's my Gigi, and she loves me.

For more information on this contest, please visit Susanna Hill’s wonderful website!

2 thoughts on “BRAVE FOR GIGI”

  1. I know this s a little late, considering that Valentine’s Day was a couple of weeks ago, however I thought this short “brave story” was thoughtfully constructed, very descriptive, and genuinely from the heart. In fact, Gigi’s daughter also loved it.

    Keep writing, you’re beginning to tap your talent.

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