It’s about A Springboard to Imagination with Eric Fan

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited because today on my blog I have Eric Fan! He is part of the brother duo that created the amazingly wonderful Ocean Meets Sky, The Night Gardener (which is an all time favorite of mine) and their upcoming book It Fell From The Sky out in September, 2021. (How beautiful is this cover!?)

Eric, what was your first memory as a child where you were connected to a book?  

The first book I can remember that made a profound impact on me when I was a kid was Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak. I was obsessed with it, and wanted it read to me every single night for about a year. The moment that Max’s bedroom walls dissolved and yielded to his dream world was the moment I realized that a story could dissolve my own bedroom walls and take me somewhere far away. A book was really a door you could open to another world.

What a powerful memory! I love that the story dissolved your own bedroom walls, and you were transported some place else. I think is so important for us as adults to remember about the impact books have on children. Not only can they be listening to a story, but they can become part of another world. I know your books have had this effect on my children, as Ocean Meets Sky brought so much magic into our story time.

In what ways do you hope your writing will impact the lives of children?

The greatest satisfaction I have from writing stories is when I see them used as a springboard for a child’s own imagination. All the books I loved growing up had a part in shaping my imagination and I hope our books to do the same. Of course, there are themes and messages in our books that I hope come across as well, but there’s nothing quite like seeing a whole class of children who have read your book inspired to write their own stories, or draw their own pictures.

Yes, stories become so much more for kids. It can bring inspiration into their own lives and guide their own creativity and imagination. This is one of the goals for #Books4KarachiKids. We hope to encourage children in Karachi to dream big and explore their imagination. Thank you so much, Eric, for sharing part of your childhood with us and inspiring us all! And make sure to look for the Fan Brother’s new book coming this September!

Have a great day everyone!

6 thoughts on “It’s about A Springboard to Imagination with Eric Fan”

  1. So wonderful! Thank you for bringing these amazing folks to our inbox! I am excited for you and for all of us who get to glean inspiration and wisdom!

    1. You’re so welcome, Beth! I love learning about how someone comes into working with their passion. I think it is so fitting that Eric loved Where the Wild Things Are because of how the imagination just expands throughout the book. I can see this in his own work and love that he shared this with us.

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