Karachi Kids Update

Hi everyone,

I hope this post finds you and your family well. A few things have happened within Karachi Kids and I wanted to update everyone. 

The team at Karachi Kids is committed to transparency about our progress and challenges that we continue to face. We are grateful to have formed partnerships among writers and kidlit supporters. Through various social media platforms, we raised awareness and started the process of formalizing our efforts to co-create the library in Karachi. Over the summer, we reached out to numerous nonprofits and organizations. Our plan was and still is to partner with an already established organization. This would provide us financial assistance as well as guidance throughout the stages of our initiative.  We have discovered that many of the established groups specifically state that they do not work with Pakistan. This significantly shrunk our list of organizations that we could partner with. Another challenge we faced was the impact of the withdrawal of the military in Afghanistan. The surrounding areas became volatile and filled with uncertainty for their future. Specifically in Pakistan, local leaders that Marzieh had worked with were no longer in their roles. This, in addition to the shipping crisis that is occurring throughout our world, has caused us to pause. 

Even though this storm of unforeseen circumstances has impacted our timeline, Karachi Kids remains committed to bringing books to children that need them. Please know we are grateful for the support of the writing community! We still have our goal in mind, but it will just take longer than anticipated. We appreciate your understanding and patience and look forward to sharing more positive news soon. 


Karachi Kids

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