The Knock: 50 Precious Words

It’s time again for the wonderful 50 Precious Words contest hosted by Vivian Kirkfield! The goal is to create a story ( beginning, middle, and end) for kids ages 12 and under comprised of only 50 words! For my entry, I was moved to right about the heart. Kids feel the same emotions as adults. They experience joy, happiness, loneliness and heartache. My piece touches on this. Here is my story. Have a great day!

The Knock
By Kelly Swemba

Heart beats
and breathes.
It hopes 
and dreams.

Heart sees
and flutters.
It welcomes
and wonders.

Love enters 
and enchants.
It vows but – 

Heart aches
and shrinks.
It slumbers
and retreats.


A knock.
A hand.
A hug.
A hold.

Heart wakes
And opens.
It trusts 
and tries – 

7 thoughts on “The Knock: 50 Precious Words”

  1. Kelly,
    It’s beautiful. It has a wonderful flow and the alliteration is fabulous. It i very deep and yet very accessible – just like the heart. This has all the feels!!! How do you do it?! x

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