Fall Writing Frenzy Contest

There are so many things I love about Fall. Cozy sweaters, pumpkin donuts, and the change in seasons. But in world of the writing community, my favorite is the spooky stories that I get to create for the Fall Writing Frenzy contest. This year hosts Kaitlyn Sanchez and Lyida Lukidis did not disappoint with their picture prompts to inspire a 200 word story. Below is my entry…I hope you like it!

Photo credit: Halloween- Credit: Selina Wing for Bing

By Kelly Swemba
(191 words)
Hearts pound. 
Shoes clack. 
The crowd rounds the cobblestone corner  
oozing with anticipation  
after traveling miles 
to this quaint town. 

For every Halloween eve,  
Jack-o-lanterns appear overnight - 
carved by an unknown artist  
who adds one new creation each year.  

Applause ignites as flames   
flicker and snap inside 
the hollowed-out-flesh. 

“It’s beautiful,” whispers a little girl. 
Adults nod in silent agreement. 
But they don’t know… 

While they ooh and ahh, 
others weep and moan. 
Wails seep out 
and entangle the visitors  
like overgrown vines.  

They don’t know… 
That October’s first breath  
strangles out someone’s last.   

They don’t know... 
Each gaping-mouthed gourd 
represents a life extinguished 
in the yearly reaping. 
A grotesque showcase of trophies  
disguised as decoration.  

A cool wind snakes 
through the streets. 
A dark presence leers. 
Shivers pierce the crowd 
as their internal alarms blare. 

they grasp onto the belief  
this misery is orchestrated 
to increase  
the town’s mystique. 

Fear pounds.  
Shoes clack. 
The crowd retreats 
except for 

He slowly inhales,  
savoring the scent of doubt,  
devouring every seed of fear. 
A snarl slices across his face. 
He’s chosen his next victim  
and the hunt 

30 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy Contest”

  1. Waahhhh, I’m straight up SCARED, Kelly! This is creepy and full of mood. A perfect way to start spooky season!

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