Friday Faves: The Mouse and the Moon by Gabriel Alborozo

Hi and happy Friday! Anyone else feel they’re in a whirlwind these past two weeks?! I haven’t posted much lately, but I did want to share this cute gentle story today. The Mouse and the Moon is a story about, you guessed it, a mouse and the moon. Mouse lives by himself, and his only friend is the moon. He wishes he could be close to the moon; one night, he sets off through the woods trying to get closer to moon. His journey takes him to a pond where moon is shimmering in the water. A small voice comes out into the darkness and Mouse thinks it’s moon! He begins to have a conversation with “moon” that last til morning. It is then, when the light shines bright, that he discovers the voice belonged to a small fish in the pond. I just loved this sweet story!

Themes: friendship, finding your voice, having courage, and stepping out of your comfort zone

Happy reading!