MIXED: A COLORFUL STORY by Arree Chung is what we all need to read

Published: 2018

Age: 3-7

Themes: Accepting differences, love, understanding, community

Let me first say, I just discovered this book and it is WONDERFUL! I read it to both my 7 and 5, and they both enjoyed it for similar and different reasons. One, it’s a colorful tale that starts with the primary colors living in harmony until RED decides they are the best. The other colors disagree and then segregate. Until one day, a yellow takes a liking to blue, they MIX and make a new color they call GREEN. The story unfolds and new colors start mixing with non like colors and in doing so, make a more beautiful colorful world.

Why I like this story: To start, it can teach young children colors. For the older children in the picture book age group, there are opportunities for educating children about diversity and love. The first learning lesson is that the story is about loving someone despite the color of their skin in a way they can understand. I made sure ask questions as I read to my children.

For example, when the colors are segregated, I asked them how they looked. They both responded sad. Yes! The colors were happier together. Then in the story where yellow and blue mix, they make a new beautiful green color. I told my kids the color of our skin doesn’t matter. It’s what’s inside, how kind, loving and caring a person is that’s important. I gave them a real life example of my friend’s sister who married a man with a different skin color than hers. They had a baby with a beautiful new skin color all his own. This made sense. So not only does this book provide a cute colorful story, it provides an opportunity for parents to discuss the theme of love and diversity.

I highly recommend this book. Happy reading!

Friday Faves: Not Quite Snow White by Ashley Franklin Illustrated by Ebony Glenn

I have another wonderful book to share with you today! Not Quite Snow White is a delightful story perfect for ages 4-8. It’s the wonderful debut book for Ashley Franklin and has vibrant and adorable illustrations by Ebony Glenn.

Tameika loves to sing and dance, and is very excited for her school musical. But on audition day, Tameika over hears the other kids suggest that she isn’t quite right to play Snow White because of how she looks. A once confident young girl starts to second guess herself. She comes home to her loving parents who assure her that she is their princess and has just the right amount of everything. It’s a tender story that teaches kids about kindness, self love, and acceptance of others.

I read this to my 7 year old daughter who saw a girl with different color skin than hers experiencing problems and emotions just like she does. Tameika gets hurtful things said to her, and my daughter pointed out that that would make her feel sad too. Picture books are wonderful and powerful tools that can teach kids how to treat one another from an early age. I encourage you to read this lovely book!

Happy reading!