Friday Faves: Milton & Odie and the Bigger-than-Bigmouth Bass by Mary Ann Fraser

Fishing and friendship

Oh my goodness….this is a WINNER! This book came out in 2019 and is so delightful. I just picked it up from the library and couldn’t be more pleased with the theme, illustrations, and story line.

To start with, Mary Ann Fraser wrote and illustrated this book. The pictures are lively, bright, and so cute that kids will love the characters. As for the story, it’s a great way to teach children about looking at life’s glass like it’s half full instead of half empty.

Mitlon and Odie are two otters with very different perspectives on life. The each separately go ice fishing one sunny morning. Through a funny chance meeting, they decide to fish together and catch the bigger-than-bigmouth bass! In their teaming up, Milton, the usually “lake half empty” otter, starts to see life’s possibilities instead of its short comings.

I urge you to buy or borrow this book! It quickly became one of my new favorites this year.

Happy reading!

How to Catch the Pond Shark

Our adventure today takes place at our neighborhood pond. See, a few days ago, my son and I were riding our bikes back from school, and happened to glance at our pond. (Which we do from time to time.) There, sticking out of the water, was a dorsal fin! “What!?” I exclaimed. I called my son over to look at this “fish” for I have never seen anything like it before. Sure enough, he saw the fin sticking out and then the fish took his tail and splashed it around, creating huge ripples. Dear friends, that is the day we laid eyes on the Pond Shark.

It was with great anticipation that we waited for the weekend to come. Could we catch it? How big would it be? These and many other questions filled our heads, waiting to be answered. Finally, the day had come and our troop trecked over to our pond.

I scanned the pond, trying to see if the Pond Shark was wading on the top anywhere. He’s a sneaky one, staying under the water for now. My husband, kids and I baited our hooks (ok, let’s be honest, I did no such thing. It’s awful! My lovely husband does all of that. I just get to cast and then watch our kids reel in their catches.) The fish were biting today! Our kids caught SO many fish! My mother-in-law even joined us and she caught her first fish ever! It was a very eventful day.

I know you’re all wondering, did we catch the Pond Shark? Sadly my friends, we did not. BUT, that just means I’ve got my eye out for him. I’ll be watching the pond on our bike rides, hoping to catch a glimpse of him. Til next fishing trip.