Meatless Monday…..Easy and delicious Chinese

Looking for an easy dish that will definitely please the crowds!? Then this is the dish for you. I’ve made it numerous times, and am continually surprised but how impressed everyone one is with it! My secret weapon….it’s all about the sauce. Wait, don’t go yet, it’s STORE BOUGHT! (Annie Chun’s Thai-Style Peanut Sauce) Yes, I know! I literally tell everyone that but they completely over look it and congratulate me on my cooking, like I’m a culinary master…ha, which I’m not, at all. Another wow factors is that I top it with roasted sea salt cashews. Also seems to add to the fancy of this dish. The other thing about this recipe is you can add whatever veggies you want! Do have something or don’t like it, sub it! No big deal! That’s how I roll.

Okay, so let’s begin. Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Cook time 20 minutes . Towards the end of cooking, microwave 2 bags of brown rice.

Line large baking sheet with parchment paper.
1. Asparagus – break off bottoms, lightly drizzle with extra virgin olive oil (EEVO) and sprinkle with sea salt
2. Dice 4 Roma Tomatoes – drizzle with EEVO and 1/2 tsp garlic salt
3. Chop 2 Bell Peppers (any will do, but to make it colorful spring for yellow, orange or red) drizzle with EEVO and 1/2 tsp garlic salt and onion powder . Place in the oven. Now, you can add chopped broccoli, onions, celery or whatever else sounds good. You can’t do wrong in this dish!

Pour 1 tsp of EEVO into a large frying pan and heat on low. This is just to mix everything together and coat in sauce. Take your rice, all of your veggies (make sure to cut the asparagus into small pieces) and place them in the pan. Add cashews and drizzle with Peanut sauce. Start with a small amount, and add more if desired. That’s it!

Nacho average snack

Yes, this is happening

Sometimes you just need to induldge. And when I think of snacky food perfection, I think of nachos (at least that’s the flavor of the day!) These delicious crispies are just melted cheddar topped with…..wait for it….PRE-MADE Pico de Gallo!!! What you ask? No cutting or chopping or straining tomatoes so your nachos don’t get mushy!? No zip, zilch! I scored the mini mix from Aldi. Do you have an Aldi? Or I bet trader Joe’s would have something…don’t quote me though, I haven’t scoped it out.

So go ahead friends, indulge in something today. Sometimes it can really change your day and head it in a better direction. I also got myself some new pocket sanitizers from Bath & Body works so look out world, here I come!

I don’t think you’re ready for this Chili…..

Do you like it hot? Well, this ladies and gentlemen, is my spiciest chili yet! And…..wait for it…’s vegetarian! Ok, don’t sign off yet, my chili is made with morning star chorizo crumbles….if you prefer, all you have to do is substitute it for real chorizo….it will be just as amazing! Easy fix, everyone wins.

Here’s the recipe: (I actually measured everything….usually I’m more of a shake and tweak as I go kinda gal.)

To speed up the process I combine the following in a frying pan and heat together on the stove top til the kidney beans are soft. The Morning Star chorizo crumbles only needs about 8 minutes to be thoroughly cooked. (If subbing regular chorizo, your cook time will vary, and you may want to use a separate pan)

  1. I can of diced tomatoes – 14-15 ounces (basil, oregano, garlic – use the whole can, even the juice)
  2. 1 can of light red kidney beans 15.5 ounces
  3. 1 tbsp garlic salt
  4. 2 tsp onion powder
  5. 1/8 tsp chili powder
  6. 1 tsp ground red pepper (to make it less spicy, omit this)
  7. 1 bag of Morning Star Chorizo crumbles (10 ounces)

In a large pot, heat 2.5 cups of water, and about 1.5 tbsp tomato paste (I used what I had, Italian style with basil and oregeno). Continue to heat on medium low. Add ingredients from frying pan and cook together covered on low for ten minutes. (If the heat is on high, you’ll lose your water and have to add more.) Add cheese and favorite toppings.

That’s it! Congrats on making one spicy chili! I hope you enjoy! If you try it, let me know how it worked for you! If you have a substitution, let me know what it is! Enjoy.