So we’re getting a puppy…

Shhhh….don’t tell my kids! That’s the first thing you need to know before reading on. And yes, after 7 years of not having a dog, we’re taking the plunge…because…take a look at this picture I call Exhibit A.

These fluffies belong to my kids. They took this after the dog finished their OLYMPIC GAMES. Yes, this is them…on the podium stand… receiving their “medals”. Now let’s move along to Exhibit B.

Here, the dogs are being taken for a walk. Yep, in a baby stroller because that’s the only way to walk a STUFFED ANIMAL. They love their dogs, and make sure that even in cold,winter like weather, their dogs get some fresh air.

These dogs are definitely loved, and luckily we live on a street with lots of dogs. My kids have pretty much adopted every dog as their own. This has tided them over for many years. But that only works for so long.

Seeing their love for animals, how kind and gentle they are with other dogs, AND and the fact that my husband and I have always wanted a dog led us to cdfinally deciding to get one of our own. Is this a good idea? Well, puppies/dogs are a lot of work, need a lot of care, but….they’re also really wonderful. I’m excited to see where this trail takes us and will post pictures when we pick up our new member in August (if everything goes according to plan).

I wanted to share something fun and light-hearted during this trying times. And what could be more light-hearted than getting a puppy!?!

Friday Faves: Dandy by Ame Dyckman illustrated by Charles Santoso

Hi everyone! This week’s pick is Dandy by Ame Dyckman illustrated by Charles Santoso. It’s a cute story of a father and daughter lion who find a weed in their manicured lawn. The daughter sees it as beautiful, but the Dad lion and the other Dad neighbors want it gone! Everytime the Dad lion tries to get rid of the weed, the daughter’s there…except for one day where an opportunity arises. This book is about the special relationship between father and child and is filled with hilarious illustrations of the Dad lion’s attempts to get rid of the weed. It includes a surprise twist at the end where everyone wins. I highly recommend this cute book. Happy reading!