What to get a graduate

It’s that time of year when you ask yourself….what should I get the graduate? There’s always money, and who doesn’t love that? BUT, but….maybe, just maybe, think outside the regular pinterest/etsy list and be bold…be daring…be unconventional.

As some of you may know, I write picture books. It is only natural, then, for me to have stumbled upon a BEAUTIFUL picture book. It speaks of finding out who you are, staying true to yourself, and to…. “Dream your own dreams, hear your own heart, you could change the world, you just have to start.” – the great Pat Zietlow Miller.

I believe there is a picture book for every season and special life moment. One for healing, for happiness, for indecision, and one to inspire. THIS IS THAT BOOK. I know what you’re thinking….a picture book….for a graduate? YES! YES she cries with all her might. This book is so beautiful, so inspiring, it speaks of holding on to one self, about making a difference, sharing what you’re good at and not changing who you are, where ever you are. If that doesn’t sound like a great book to have your graduate read before embarking on the next phase of their life, then I am speechless (which doesn’t happen to often).

My next door neighbor doesn’t know it yet, but i’m going to gift her this book. (Shhh, don’t tell her!) Will she look at my and wonder why I’m giving her this book. Yes, yes she will. But once she reads it, she’ll understand. And now more than ever, we need to support those who have gone through such a unceremonial end to their schooling.

This book has heart, and love. I tear up every time I read it. So, instead of money, maybe try this book…and a gift card 🙂

BE the good in the world.