Friday Faves: Monty’s Magnificent Mane by Gemma O’Neill

Friday! It’s been such a great week of celebrating Halloween with my lil ones. I don’t know about you, but I’m done having candy around the house! I can only resist the treats for so long! Speaking of treats…..I have a treat for you today. (See what I did there!)

Monty’s Magnificent Mane is both written and beautifully illustrated by Gemma O’Neil. Monty is a lion with a stunning mane, and he isn’t shy about how he feels about it. The meerkats like to play in Monty’s mane; but one day, their playing knocks Monty off balance and he falls into the mud. Needing to get clean, he heads to the water against the warning of his meerkat friends. He meets someone new at the water and finds himself in danger of being eaten; worse yet, his meerkat friends are now in danger. Can Monty save his friends?

Theme: In this story, Monty is a proud lion, but soon discovers that friendship is the most important thing of all.

Have a great weekend, and happy reading!