Apprehension and the Unknown

As parents, we try to make the best decisions for our family. We research, ask around, and follow our instincts that tell us what will work best. But, we don’t always know how it will work out. I’m in one of those positions today. My son is attending his second year of preschool, but because of our family’s schedule, he’ll be in the afternoon class. As I sit here I’m wondering if this was the best choice. Will he have the energy he needs? Will he meet new friends, since everyone else stayed in the morning classes? I know I’m worrying unnecessarily, but it’s what I do!

Life is like that. Nothing is certain or comes with directions when raising kids. Yes, there are valuable books out there, but nothing that pertains to your exact situation, or the personality of your child. We just need to trust ourselves that we’re doing our best, and the best for our children. So to all of those parents who are wondering and worrying, I’m right there with you. What are you worried about?

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