Friday Faves: Just Right for Two by Travey Corderoy & Rosalind Beardshaw

Hi everyone! I have a WONDERFUL book to share with you today. I absolutely love this book! It’s a story about Dog who feels he has everything he needs in his blue suitcase. One morning, he wakes up to find Mouse sleeping next to him on his suitcase. Dog says this won’t do, and Mouse promises to leave after he sees what’s in Dog’s suitcase; this leads to sharing, and then a fun game. After Mouse is gone, Dog feels like something is missing in his life and sets off to find what it could be. He bumps into Mouse who helps him discover that he was missing his friend all along. It’s just so adorable! It’s a gentle tale of friendship with beautiful illustrations that will delight both young and old. I hope you find time to enjoy this book, happy reading!

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