Book Review: PEARL by Molly Idle

Age group: 4-8

Themes: Perseverance, beauty and belief in hard work

This book was a lovely surprise! I don’t like to read the inside flap of picture books because I love the adventure they take me and my children on. The cover shows the reader the story is about a mermaid….and so much more!

Pearl is a young mermaid who longs to have an important ocean task like her fellow mermaids. Her mom decides it’s time, takes Pearl to the surface and entrusts her to care for a single grain of sand. Completely disheartened by this small task, her mother reminds Pearl, “The smallest of things can make a great difference”. (How amazing and lovely is that line!? I think we all need to hear the wisdom in this book.) Pearl cares for the sand and over time it grows, and grows and then glows. It becomes light and lifts Pearl up to the surface where her once grain of sand rises into the sky, becoming the moon! (So incredible!)

The illustrations are light, airy, and filled with great character and feeling. To me, the book itself glows. I completely recommend this book to read to your child. There’s a wonderful lesson about taking care of something even when you don’t want to, and seeing beauty and promise where you wouldn’t have thought to look.

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