Taking Care of You: All About Self Love

Hi everyone and happy new year! I can’t believe this year brings us a new decade! WOW! It makes it feel more special than other new years. What will we do in this bright new decade?!

I am taking part of Julie Hedlund’s 12 Days of Christmas for writers, and today’s focus was about taking time for yourself. This is such a wonderful concept, but somehow gets pushed to the back of our busy days, schedules, and family responsibilities. She stated that taking time for yourself isn’t selfish…..it’s self LOVE! Yes, I completely forgot about this somewhere along the way. Just because you stop to do something for yourself for more than a moment or two, does NOT make you selfish. How can we be expected to run 24/7 without ever taking care of ourselves? And, more importantly…..should we be ignoring our own needs? The answer to that is no.

We as individuals are people too….with needs, wants, and desires. Whether that desire is to take time to write, to read a book, to build something, to go outside in nature, or to pamper ourselves…it’s ok! And in fact, it’s necessary. Self love preserves who we are. I catch myself telling my kids (in-between their requests for more milk and lunch #2, don’t ask) that I’m a person too!!! They just look at me like I’m silly….like, come on Mom! Oh well, at least I’m voicing it! But now I need to put that into action.

Putting self time into action isn’t always easy. If it is for your, that’s wonderful and do please share your secret! If you find it harder, than take a serious look at your schedule. When does time work for you? Are days of the week better than others, or specific times of the day? For me, I struggle with getting up before my kids. But if I did, that would be a nice amount of quiet time for me to enjoy my coffee WHILE sitting down and relaxing. Another option is when the kids are in bed, but by that time, I would like to maybe somedays workout, spend time with my husband and watch an adult show that doesn’t consist of kid creature rescues or dinosaurs on trains.

So as this journey of self love starts, I wish you luck. And please, write me with your thoughts, struggles, suggestions or just to say hi. Let’s make this a great new decade!


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