Book Review: LULA and the SEA MONSTER by Alex Latimer

Age group: 4-7 year olds

Publication date: 2018

Theme: Conservation, friendship

Summary: Lula and the Sea Monster is a wonderfully written and beautifully illustrated book by Alex Latimer. The story follows Lula, a young girl who lives by the sea. She spends her days combing the beach and finds a small octopus she names Bean. She visits Bean daily, to feed and to talk. Her family gets news they have to move because construction for a highway will start soon. Lula protests and pickets but the machines still come. Luckily, her small friend Bean has grown as large as the house he now helps defend.

This story is about the love of the sea, and the love between friends. It’s a great story to teach children about the preciousness of both. It introduces children to conservation efforts while engaging them through the growing friendship between Lula and Bean. And how can you not like a story about an octopus named Bean!?!

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