Loss During Corona Virus

We are all experiencing some kind of loss because of the Corona virus. Whether it’s the loss of freedom, normal daily routine, free time, jobs, income, or a loved one, this is a challenging time. Never did I expect that I would be isolating myself and my family in our home to protect us and others.

When change happens, it’s usually difficult to adjust. If the change is expected, at least you can prepare for it mentally and emotionally. This change, however, came without warning…drastically altering our lives in every aspect. It leaves us asking, “How do we cope? What do we do? How long will it be like this?”

Lets look at the first question, how do we cope. The easy answer is the best you can. But how? To be honest, it will be different for everybody. What I can say is that panicking, taking pictures of empty shelves, or fighting in the store for items is not going to help anyone. These actions only increase negativity. Let’s try to join together as a community (in theory because we need to be social distancing) and remember we are all in this together.

If you are like me, I’m ordered to stay at home. I’ve been teaching my two young children and explaining things to them in a non threatening manner. I am a stay at home mom and do not have to juggle work. I can’t imagine trying to work full time and teach my children. My husband is working from home and adjusting to his new “office”.

To cope, we make time for ourselves. We read the news, which I don’t recommend doing all day. Try to do other things to distract yourself because too much focus on Corona virus isn’t going to be healthy. Stay informed, but try not to make it your main focus. Life needs balance to be healthy. Try other things like baking, reading, writing, painting, coloring with your kids, playing cards, board games, cleaning your home, or if you can…go outside. If you have a backyard, you can have your children find examples of spring (blooming flowers, grass, buds on trees.) If you have snow, try making a snow angel, foot prints, look for animal tracks, let them write in the snow with food coloring. (Pinterest is wonderful for crafts and ideas for children.) I don’t know what your situations are, but I did want to at least reach out to you know we are in this together.

Feel free to write me. I’m here to listen….and wish you well.

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