Vivian Kirkfield’s 50 Precious Words Contest

Hi everyone and happy Saturday. Today I am entering Vivian Kirkfield’s 50 precious words writing contest. Below is my entry followed by the guidelines for the contest if you’d like to enter. It really encourages creativity and…it’s fun! Have a great weekend!

Playful Puddles

Janie sits
by the sill
as the gray draws near.

She grabs her coat
jumps in her boots
and thunders
out the door.
She holds her breath…
The magic’s
almost here.
Then presents plop,
            drip and
She jumps.
She smiles
and laughs.
is finally here.

  1. Write a story appropriate for kids ages 12 or under, that has a total word count of 50 or less.
  2. It can be prose, rhyme, free verse, silly or serious…whatever works for you.
  3. Title is not included in the word count.
  4. No illustration notes please.
  5. he contest officially opens today, Saturday, February 29, in this special post on my blog.
  6. Between February 29 and March 5, post your story in the comments of this special contest blog post. If you have a blog of your own and want to post it there also, that is terrific…please add the link to your comment so we can all go and visit you there.  Also, please make sure you put your name in the post.
  7. Only ONE entry per person, please.
  8. Deadline for posting the story in the comments is Thursday, March 5, at 11:59pm.
  9. Winners will be announced Saturday, March 21.
  10. Winners? Of course, there will be winners…and prizes, too! There are critiques with EDITORS, seats in WRITING CLASSES, CRITIQUES by published authors, SIGNED PICTURE BOOKS…and more. The book prizes are limited to USA addresses, please.

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