Spring Fling Writing Contest: HERO OF SPRING

First, I hope everyone is staying safe during these difficult times. My prayers go out to each one of you.

As you can tell from the post title, I’m entering Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez’s Spring Fling Writing Contest. I love writing contests. It pushes my creativity and is a great outlet, especially during times like these. This one requires a word count of no more than 150 words, must revolve around a Spring theme and be kid friendly. I had fun writing this and I hope you enjoy it!

Hero of Spring (Word Count 148)
Groundhog: "I don't feel like going outside today."

Worm: "But they're all waiting for you!"

Groundhog: "No."

Worm: "With cameras and news reporters!"

Groundhog: "Still no."

Worms: "And balloons and cake!"

Groundhog: "Can you go out for me this year?"

Worm: "Me?"

Groundhog: "Yeah... yeah. You could crawl up, look for your shadow and oh...be the hero."

Worm: "Me? A hero!"

Groundhog: "Yes! The Hero of Spring!"

Worm: "Well, that does have a nice ring to it. I'll do it!"

Groundhog: "Perfect." 

Worm: "What should I wear? This is my big day after all."

Groundhog: "You can't be serious. You're a worm."

Worm: "Fashion show! I'll be back with my outfits!"

Worm wiggles off.

Groundhog: "Outfits? Fashion show? I'm out of here!" 

In a panic to escape, Groundhog scurries left, and climbs up, 
to find….
his shadow!
Groundhog: “Tricked again! That’s one slippery worm!” 

21 thoughts on “Spring Fling Writing Contest: HERO OF SPRING”

  1. Love the image, and your cute story! I’m so glad spring is here! Thanks for sharing your work with us. 🙂

  2. Just how much of a shadow can a worm cast anyway? I am glad the trick worked! i really liked your clever story. Good luck in the contest.

  3. haha! Kelly, this is so fun. You have such a knack for humor…and in this case, in such a low word count! I loved seeing the back-and-forth between these fun characters. Good luck!

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