A Seashell’s Journey: Summer Fun In the Sun Writing Contest


I love writing contests, and this one was a challenge for sure! In only 200 words, I had to write a Nonfiction or Informational fiction story with an arc, a beginning, middle and end. I usually write fiction and was excited and trying something new. I’ve included the contest website in case you’re interested in entering. Here’s my entry below. https://www.karengreenwald.com/contests

By Kelly Swemba
Deep in the dark, dark ocean,
a tiny mollusk is born.
It creates a shell from sand and chemicals in the sea.
When the time comes, the shell becomes empty.
If no one moves in, it’s free to
whirl and swirl through the salted blue.
A quick current carries the shell
up past a kaleidoscope of colors.
Echoes and whistles rattle through the turquoise waters.
The shell is greeted by a playful pod of dolphins.
With a gentle nudge, it twirls and swirls to find…
…a bale of sea turtles.           
They dance through the shimmering crystals then dive deep.
There’s a gurgling, a roaring and then….
Fast water pushes and pulls the tiny shell away from the turtles.
With a crash, a tumble, and many rolls, the shell washes onto a sandy surface.
The tide drifts away and the shell rests.
With cupped hands, a young girl lifts it from the shore.      
Her sun-kissed face moves close to the shell.
Her breathe is warm and she wears a sweet smile.
With a gentle kiss she whispers, “I’m returning you to the water.
Now you can be a home for someone new.”

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