Fall Writing Frenzy Entry: Kill Them With Kindness


Steam whirled from the bubbling cauldron as Mandy swirled her spoon. She hummed as the day reeled in her head like an old movie…

…pictures of her helping students whipped through her mind. Her kind actions caught the attention of the coven’s leader Carly, the cruelest witch who cackled, “Don’t fool yourself. You’ll never be mean enough to be a great witch like me! You’re too sweet!”  

The other witches chanted, “Cotton can-dy Man-dy! Cotton can-dy Man-dy!”

Echoes of their jeers rose and floated through the field where she sit a spell with the crows and field mice.

“Never make a great witch, huh?” she asked as she leaned over the pot. She peered in to see her reflection. 

A glint glistened in her eye.

A sneer curled across her lips. 

“Guess I’m not so nice after all.”

She reached down and plucked a hat as black as an eclipse and placed it on her head.

“Thanks for your hat, Carly,” said Mandy into the pot as the last bubble popped and the liquid stilled. “Looks like you won’t be needing it anymore.”

She hummed as she skipped back to school…ready to unveil her newly discovered darkness.

23 thoughts on “Fall Writing Frenzy Entry: Kill Them With Kindness”

    1. Wow! Thank you, Kelly! It was really fun to write and I’m glad you liked it. So kind of you to post a comment ♥️

  1. You deftly weave wonderful tension through this compelling story with a delicious contrast of sweet and mean, cruel and kind. Your description of “a hat as black as an eclipse” and Mandy’s diabolical expressions are devilishly good. And you write a wicked twist ending. @AnneLipton

  2. Ahhhh!! Kelly, this is “deliciously dark”. Don’t mess with Cotton Candy Mandy! I love the surprise ending 🙂

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