Why I Write

Thinking about this topic actually brings tears to my eyes. I love children’s books. The transformation that happens when a child is read a story…seeing them go on an adventure, or learn to cope with something difficult, or begin to learn more about life, love and themselves in those few pages….it can only be described as magic.

I write because I want to help children and caregivers connect. I want story time to be something special, whether it’s a heartfelt moment, or a learning opportunity told in a gentle manner. I think childhood is such a special and fragile time, and I would love to be even just a twinkle of positivity – and a reminder that imagination is a wonderful thing.

Each one of us has stories to tell through words and art. I hope you find what is that calls to you, that drives you, that moves you to create. Because it is a gift that wants to be shared, and could be the thing that makes someone’s world better.

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