It’s About Encouraging the Love for Space with James McGowan

Hi everyone! I’m mixing things up a bit today and am excited to say the talented James McGowan is our special guest! James is an agent at Bookends Literary Agency as well as the author of Good Night Oppy! I’m thrilled he was willing to take time out of his busy day to help our initiative for Books 4 Karachi Kids.

Hi James! What was your first memory as a child where you connected to a book?

Can I cheat on this question? I specifically remember one weeknight as a child, reading a board book with my mom. I cannot remember the title though! Of course, neither can she. But that was my first time reading on my own and I totally wish I could remember it.

That’s definitely a proud moment! I’ve witnessed my youngest learn to read and it’s so heart warming to see their face light up when they realize they’ve just read a book. Even though you both can’t remember the title, the memory of you reading on your own stayed with you, which speaks to how special it was.

In what ways do you hope your writing will impact the lives of children?

I hope my writing, particularly with GOOD NIGHT, OPPY! inspires a bunch of kids to become space lovers. I am endlessly amazed by space, and I think it’s a topic that kids will love. We’re always learning something new.

I’ve been reading space books with my youngest and they love them! It’s something so big and full of wonder. It really creates a sense of awe for all of us.

Thank you for joining us today, James, and sharing your memory and wish for children. GOOD NIGHT, OPPY! comes out this September and is available for pre-order now. Thank you everyone and have a great day!

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