Writing Journey Speed Bumps and Detours

We’ve all been there. We’ve got our plan, our manuscript, and we’re feeling confident. (Because we all should believe in our stories and art.) We query, apply for a mentorship, or submit it in a contest. And then we wait…which is really hard!

How to pass the time?

  1. Throw yourself into another project
  2. Listen to podcasts
  3. Watch webinars
  4. Critique other’s work
  5. Read a book
  6. Exercise

I’m going to stay with this one for a bit. Though not an easy thing to do, exercise will definitely improve your mood in the long run. This may become something you turn to release frustration. Or get rid of nervous energy when you’ve finished being Monica Geller and already cleaned the entire house or apartment. (Guilty)


7. Do something completely unrelated to writing. Sometimes we need other distractions and things to put our energy into. (Hobby, craft, fixing something, creating something, cooking ect.)

Okay, the verdict is and it’s a…….pass. Ugh.

Tears stream. Maybe anger even bubbles. Self doubt and sadness come to stay a while. As well as the very uninvited guest known as Imposter Syndrome. And guess what? It’s OK to feel all of these things! You were supposed to get your hopes up because that show you BELIEVE IN YOUSELF! And, since we’re human, we then experience all of the emotions. Once again, it’s okay to feel whatever way you are as long as your safely experiencing it.

What to Do

You can push through this speed bump and continue on your way. Or maybe you slow down and re think your path to getting where you’re going. Do you maybe need to look at joining a critique group or organization to get you headed in the right direction? Perhaps a craft book will help things become clearer or shine a light on a certain place where you’ve found yourself stuck. Another option is to stop. Take time for you and give yourself a break. It may just be the mental fresher you’ve needed all along but didn’t know it. Whatever way you decide, do what’s best for you, at YOUR PACE. Last time I checked, writing and being published doesn’t happen over night. It is a JOURNEY, and I’m happy to be on it with so many wonderful people that I never would have met without writing.

So please take care of yourselves. Listen to what you need, and reach out for support. And when you’re ready, try again. I’ll be rooting for you!!!

Take care writing community!

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