How to take bad news

Sometimes we’re told something that’s bad and unexpected. I realize that I go into “containment” nurse mode, which basically means I instantly figure out how bad the “bad” is and see the upside. I dive into research and figure out the cause if it’s medical, what’s being done, what can be done, and focus on that instead of the feeling. Why? Because the feeling is hard to deal with.

Reality doesn’t set in til later, and that’s when the tearful emotion of sadness begins. No longer thinking, but feeling the emotions that I initially didn’t give a chance to surface. Letting ourselves feel is hard! But it’s also part of being human. Sometimes having a good cry can get us more in touch with our feelings. The positive side is now that the floodgate of emotion is open, maybe we can tap into the loving, caring side more. We can offer support to others, or extend an offer to help out whatever way we can.

Have you ever been told bad news about someone? How did you take it?

I wish everyone well!

2 thoughts on “How to take bad news”

  1. It’s not easy to tell something very personal about ourselves to people we don’t really know. Even if our paths will never cross, it’s still a very difficult thing to do. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s not easy. Thank you for sharing with all of us how you react to bad news. I just recently heard bad news myself, and I immediately fell into the denial phase, which lasted about 2-minutes until reality set in. This was news that was too big for me to handle, so I turned to God for support. I’m now dealing with it as best as I can, and moving on with life and daily now, asking God for a little bit of his time to make the bad news good. When you’ve have your cry, try leaning on God for your support… works.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that bad news founds its way into your life. I can’t imagine what you’re going through or the weight of its’ burden. I think it’s wonderful that you turned to God. Life doesn’t always make sense, and bad news never makes sense. I hope that you find comfort in those around you and God gives you the strength you need.

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