Why I Write

Thinking about this topic actually brings tears to my eyes. I love children’s books. The magic that happens when a child is read a story….seeing them go on an adventure, or learn to cope with something difficult, or begin to learn more about life, love and themselves in those few pages….it can only be described as magic.

I write because I want to help children and caregivers connect. I want story time to be something special, whether it’s heartfelt moment, or a learning opportunity told in a gentle manner. I think childhood is such a special and fragile time, and I would love to be even just a twinkle of positivity – and a reminder that imagination is a wonderful thing.

I’m not famous, or published. But I continue to write because these stories continue to call my name. And with the help from my wonderful critique partners/friends and writing group, I keep trying. I keep entering writing contests, and pitch parties. I’ve recently entered a contest to win a critique from a very amazing kid literature author. If you’re interested in entering, here is the link to the page. https://www.pbspotlight.com/

https://www.pbspotlight.com/pbcritiquefest This link will take you to the contest.

I keep trying because there’s something inside me that says, “Keep going.” Writing is part of who I am, and hopefully one day, I’ll be able to share my stories in book form. Because that my friends, would really make my heart happy.

Best wishes!

3 thoughts on “Why I Write”

  1. Kelly, thank you for sharing these thoughts. I connect with so much of what you said and share many of your motivations for writing. Keep going!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write me. Writing children’s books is hard but fulfilling and it’s encouraging you share similar motivations! Good luck with your writing!

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