Grief and Loss: When you miss someone…

I started off today thinking I was going to write about Fall finally arriving. I sat outside on my patio, felt the cool breeze, looked up to the sky and felt the warm sun on my face. I closed my eyes, with my face tilted to the sky….and that’s when it happened.

My Grandpa used to sit like that. He loved feeling the sun on his face. He’d sit in his chair outside and say, “Oh, it feels good,” and a smile would spread across his face.

My Grandpa passed away from a very quick battle against pancreatic cancer 10 years ago. He was diagnosed late, and within 3 months he was gone. His cancer progressed rapidly, and his physical abilities decreased just as fast. He was confined to a bed, but my Grandma was his angel, he said so himself.

Missing someone is a strange thing. I’ve grieved, it’s been plenty of time, and then boom, out of the blue I find myself tearing up and talking to him, telling him I love him and miss him. We had a special bond; both my parents worked and my grandparents were there for us after school, for sports, for everything. Our family changed when he died, and I am forever grateful for all of the love he showed me.

Is there someone that you miss? Do they ever enter your mind randomly and unexpectedly? I’d love to hear from anyone who wants to share. If not, know that missing someone also helps your remember how wonderful they were. Til next time….

Friday Faves: The Extraordinary Gardener by Sam Boughton

Happy Friday! Today I want to share with you The Extraordinary Gardener. It is a gentle, sweet book both written and uniquely illustrated by Sam Boughton. This story is about a boy named Joe, who lives in a world of gray. Joe loves to go into his imaginary world filled with vivid color, plants and unique animals. Joe gets an idea and decides to plant a seed, water and care for it. One day, it blooms and changes the world he lives in. My kids and I really enjoyed this story. I hope you give it a chance and it finds it’s way into your home. I’m sure you’ll like it! Enjoy!


Find the beauty, however small or hidden

Life can be so hard sometimes. It can emotionally take a toll on us.

Today I was hit with some disappointing news. I got to be honest, I can take things a little too emotionally, so I definitely cried today. BUT……I am going to make the choice to persevere. Yes, I am upset, and hurt. Did things go how I wanted them to? No. Am I going to stop trying because of a set back? No. A set back is a detour, a pause, an opportunity in disguise urging us to put in more work to succeed.

That’s what I’m going to do. In life, we can’t just quit because things didn’t work the first time. I definitely do not want to be a person who just quits when things get tough. I can almost here the theme song to Rocky right now, pumping me up, cheering me on. Yes, it’s not easy to get past a disappointing life event. But what’s the alternative? Quit, not try again? I don’t want to be that person. I will persevere.