Small fish, Big deal

Sometimes I feel really foolish when I think about how worked up I can get with my day’s schedule of school drops offs/pickups, errands, and activities. I sadly laugh at myself because when I tell my day to a working parent they must look at me like it’s not a big deal. They’re juggling a profession and a family, and I can only imagine the stress they must feel.

But it’s still my day, and I’m in charge of it, trying my best for me and my family. Even though they may be little things, they are a big deal to me. I feel with every inch of myself. I am a mother who wears her heart and emotions on her sleeve, which, is not always the best place for them by the way. When bumps occur in my day, which they always do, they jolt me a little harder than they should, nicking away at my strength, patience, and level of calmness. So by bath time, I’m pretty spent.

I need to learn the art of being a marathoner….not in the actual sense, goodness no, in the figurative manner. Spread the day out evenly with patience, and then have a reserve stashed for the last few miles. Wouldn’t that be something!?! Anyone else running this race of parenthood and finding you’re running out of steam?

Pressure, Pushing Down on Me

Good morning everyone! Is it just me, or does it feel like today’s society moves faster than ever before? That’s probably because it is. There is so much that we are expected to get done in a day that sometimes, I’ll admit, I’m already tired at the day’s beginning. Thank goodness for coffee! (Or tea if you prefer.)

Whether you’re a stay at home parent, a working parent, or someone who is single, there are obligations that you have to fill. There is work to be done at the office, deadlines to meet, kids activities/sports practices that you need to get to, housework, late night studying in college or to better your existing career. Pressure is always there, but we need to make sure we aren’t putting too much of it on ourselves, or on our kids.

I sometimes forget that my kids are only 4 and 6, and then am completely shocked when they act their age. Kids acting like kids you say? I know, like I said, somehow it shocks me! I have to remind myself that their little bodies can only handle so much activity, even if it’s a really fun one that they’re enjoying, it needs to be managed. Ah, time management, and not in the usual sense. I am really trying to be an energy detective, looking for clues if my children have had enough in hopes to prevent a meltdown. No one every likes to experience the full force of a child’s frustration. And, prepare for a spoiler alert, kids don’t like it either! It doesn’t make them feel good to completely lose control, not have the energy to settle down, and then face repercussions for a situation that they don’t have the ability to navigate. We, therefore, are their navigators.

I am a work in progress regarding this issue. But being aware of this, and to look for areas that need tweaking is the first step. As for the other steps, that I’ll cover another time. I’m tired! May you all have a wonderful day, and may your coffee, or tea, see you through!