All you need is love…..and a good dance partner

My husband and I recently went to a wedding and had a wonderful time! It was on a farm, in a barn, and was just kind of magical really. We got to see friends, family and witness the beautiful beginning of a new Mr. and Mrs. I look at my Mr. and am just amazed at how we’ve grown, both individually and together as a couple over the almost nine years of our marriage. Whew!

So here are a few things that I’ve learned:

1. I’m not always right! Oomphf, that one hurts to admit! (Maybe don’t tell my husband I said this one!) I don’t like to be wrong, and when I am, it’s really hard to admit it. I don’t always do it willingly either. But after some thinking, I can, eventually, apologize and see things in a different light.

2. That you need to laugh. Life can throw you some curves, and not always provide you with a warning sign before hand. We’ve found that laughing at how difficult, or completely absurd a situation is can actually make it better. Laugh and lessen the stress.

3. That you need a good dance partner, both literally and figuratively. Well, I LOVE to dance….at weddings, in my kitchen, my car, down the aisles of Target….you get the idea. Luckily for me, my husband is a great dancer and will entertain my need to be on the floor at weddings. More importantly though, is the need for your partner to dance through this life with you; to be with you when it’s easy and fun, to create memories, to celebrate accomplishments, to support one another through disappointments, and most importantly, have the love and understanding when times are difficult.

Those are just a few thoughts I had after the wedding weekend. I hope this finds you all well, and that you have a great start to your week.

Small fish, Big deal

Sometimes I feel really foolish when I think about how worked up I can get with my day’s schedule of school drops offs/pickups, errands, and activities. I sadly laugh at myself because when I tell my day to a working parent they must look at me like it’s not a big deal. They’re juggling a profession and a family, and I can only imagine the stress they must feel.

But it’s still my day, and I’m in charge of it, trying my best for me and my family. Even though they may be little things, they are a big deal to me. I feel with every inch of myself. I am a mother who wears her heart and emotions on her sleeve, which, is not always the best place for them by the way. When bumps occur in my day, which they always do, they jolt me a little harder than they should, nicking away at my strength, patience, and level of calmness. So by bath time, I’m pretty spent.

I need to learn the art of being a marathoner….not in the actual sense, goodness no, in the figurative manner. Spread the day out evenly with patience, and then have a reserve stashed for the last few miles. Wouldn’t that be something!?! Anyone else running this race of parenthood and finding you’re running out of steam?